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Better understand the features of ReferenceUSA and how you can use them to the advantage of your library.

ReferenceUSA is the premier source of business and residential information for reference and research.

ReferenceUSA offers the most up-to-date data available in the market. In fact, our business and consumer databases are continuously updated from more than 5,000 public sources. With our help, your patrons will be able to:

  • Find jobs by job skills, location, and industry
  • Find business opportunities
  • Locate companies nationwide
  • Research business executives
  • View historical market trends
  • Track down addresses and phone numbers
  • Discover news articles for research

To learn more about how to search ReferenceUSA, visit our Learning Center and find training webinars, how-to guides, and more. You can also learn about us here.

Are You Trying to Access ReferenceUSA’s Database?

As a patron of the library, you can access ReferenceUSA through your local library. Your valid library card will grant you access through your library’s website. More than 4 million customers use our products and services via their local library branch.

  • Step 1

    Contact your local library to find out whether they subscribe and learn how to obtain a library card.

  • Step 2

    Access your library’s website and go to the section labeled either Databases or Electronic Resources.

  • Step 3

    Find ReferenceUSA listed in the Business or Reference section.

  • Step 4

    Start searching!

What our customers are saying

  • ReferenceUSA is an extremely useful resource for the small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs that use our library. The Heat Map tool in the U.S. Consumers/Lifestyles Database is extremely useful for entrepreneurs who are looking for a business location and for businesses that are looking to advertise their goods or services to a more targeted market. Most of the other mapping tools can only create concentration maps based on geography and one additional variable, but the Heat Map tool in ReferenceUSA can create a concentration map based on geography and a multitude of variables to get very targeted results that fit our patron’s needs. This tool also allows you to overlay restaurants, transportation, and additional points of interest onto your concentration map, which is tremendously valuable for businesses that are looking for the perfect location.

    Timothy Tully Brooklyn Public Library - Libarian, Business & Career Library
  • We’ve had great success with the ReferenceUSA product, especially with our business students. It has a simple interface that provides a quick lookup or an in-depth screening mode that allows the user to locate a specific company or group of companies based on a wide variety of criteria. The information provided about corporate linkage to a parent and subsidiary is especially useful as is the rest of the information returned with the search results. We have come to rely heavily on ReferenceUSA as a first stop for much of our directory lookups.

    Patrick Sullivan San Diego State University
  • ReferenceUSA is a robust tool that not only provides rich data but helps users better understand the information through its mapping and visualization features.  Our library patrons use ReferenceUSA for competitive intelligence, marketing information as well as tracking and monitoring neighborhoods for potential trends in consumer purchase patterns. In addition to entrepreneurs, we see many job seeking and re-careering clients use the database to acquire deeper insight on the companies and industries that match their career interests.  Similarly, patrons also search the database to identify the potential employers.  ReferenceUSA is a central part of our business information offerings and a resource that continues to captivate staff and patrons alike.

    Elizabeth Joseph Ferguson Library
  • ReferenceUSA is a robust database that offers something for everyone.  It can be used as a simple online phone book to look up a neighbor’s address and phone number or to find an old friend who moved out of state.  Use it to find places in the community such as schools, houses of worship, museums, libraries, doctors, and hospitals.  It is very popular with job hunters, as they can harness the power of ReferenceUSA to build customized lists of prospective employers by location, industry, or company size and to find real-time job listings from   Small businesses and entrepreneurs can create informed business plans with ReferenceUSA by using its sophisticated “mapping feature”  to target the location and  proximity of competitors.   ReferenceUSA even allows you to search for minority businesses by gender or ethnicity, which is very important for our community.      

    Karen Parry Manager of Information Services, East Brunswick Public Library
  • If you are doing any type of direct sales, information is king. ReferenceUSA is the best product to use to gather the intelligence information you need to stay ahead of your competition. Thank you to our partners at our County Library System. Through your hard work you have made this tool available to everyone at no cost. You just need your Library card.

    Les Vail President/CEO of Gloucester County Chamber of Commerce
  • Local business owners are thrilled when they see what the ReferenceUSA database can do for them. Having ReferenceUSA available has helped us build positive relationships within our business community and turned influential business owners into powerful library advocates.

    Nancy Polhamus Reference Librarian, Gloucester County Library System
  • One of our patrons who is running a nonprofit organization went to a local business workshop and heard our library system offers business resources trainings for our business communities. She scheduled a ReferenceUSA training session with me. After the demo of how she can get a list of charitable donors based on her Zip Code area from U.S. Consumers Lifestyles database, she was thrilled and amazed how this robust database can do for her and her nonprofit organization. She is so thankful to have free access to this extremely useful resource. Having this Consumers Lifestyles module available and free of charge definitely has helped our library system build stronger relationships with our business communities.

    Xiaolian Deng Senior librarian of Reference and Technology