Opening the Door to Detailed Industry Data With Plunkett Research Online

Overview and Product Availability

  • This add-on product offers your patrons access to the comprehensive industry information they’ve been requesting.
  • Additionally, we’re offering this at an affordable price that appeals to all libraries. (Ask us how you can bundle and save!)

ReferenceUSA users kept asking us for one thing—detailed industry data.

We’re offering Plunkett Research Online as an additional product you can purchase with your existing ReferenceUSA account. This new product gives you access to in-depth information on industry trends and statistics. This was made possible by a partnership with Plunkett Research, a Houston-based marketing analytics company. Read more about the partnership here.

Here’s how it all came together: During many of our on-site training sessions with libraries, we get the opportunity to hear valuable feedback from users of ReferenceUSA. Over the course of the last several months, a common theme started to emerge. ReferenceUSA users kept asking us for more comprehensive information on the industries they were finding in our database. So, we did some research of our own and found a new tool we could offer to fill that need.

Plunkett Research Online is the perfect tool for entrepreneurs and potential small business owners who need help putting together a business plan. This is a great supplement to the data you find in ReferenceUSA and takes it a step further. The online resource also allows libraries to enable their patrons to view detailed reports, industry trends, executives, and key statistics.

For example, let’s say a new business owner is trying to learn about their largest competitor in the world of big box stores. They can find a detailed report with Plunkett Research Online to provide them with numerous industry statistics and data including:

  • U.S. and Global Projections
  • Market Size
  • Expenditures and R&D
  • Descriptions
  • Executives
  • Lines of Business
  • Growth Plans
  • Revenues
  • Profits

Users are going to benefit because we know they do all kinds of industry searches, and now they’ll get more information on the specific industry they’re interested in.

Plunkett Research is considered a global leader in market research and industry data by libraries, top corporations, universities, and government agencies. Other features include an easy-to-use interface, custom industry overviews, and revenue forecasts for 500 industries.

Here’s what current users are saying about the product:

Michael Oppenheim, business research and collections librarian at UCLA, said Plunkett Online helps patrons find the answers they couldn’t before. He also praised its quality and affordability.

At the University of Houston-Downtown, library Executive Director Pat Ensor said Plunkett Online proved to a “valuable resource” for students and faculty.

“The focus on industry information, the focus of statistics, and the useful company profiles are especially helpful,” Ensor said. “The students are especially excited to hear about it.”

Call 800.808.1113 or email to get started with Plunkett Research Online today!

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