Training Guides

To get more out of your ReferenceUSA experience, read one of our in-depth training guides. They can show you how to use ReferenceUSA to the advantage of your business.

Accessing ReferenceUSA
Sign into Personalized Accounts
Advanced Searching/Building a List
ReferenceUSA Download/ Email Records
How to Print Records
Analyze a Business Community using ReferenceUSA
Vertical Marketing – B2B Sales Leads
How to Find your Competitors
Consumer Market Research with ReferenceUSA
ReferenceUSA Consumer Lifestyles Search
How to Find a Person Using ReferenceUSA
Market Analysis – Business Size
Using the Business Database to Search for Jobs
Searching Consumer Snapshot Elements in ReferenceUSA
How to Clear Cookies and Cache
Doctor and Dentists Training Guide

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What our customers are saying

  • We’ve had great success with the ReferenceUSA product, especially with our business students. It has a simple interface that provides a quick lookup or an in-depth screening mode that allows the user to locate a specific company or group of companies based on a wide variety of criteria. The information provided about corporate linkage to a parent and subsidiary is especially useful as is the rest of the information returned with the search results. We have come to rely heavily on ReferenceUSA as a first stop for much of our directory lookups.

    Patrick Sullivan San Diego State University
  • ReferenceUSA is a robust tool that not only provides rich data but helps users better understand the information through its mapping and visualization features.  Our library patrons use ReferenceUSA for competitive intelligence, marketing information as well as tracking and monitoring neighborhoods for potential trends in consumer purchase patterns. In addition to entrepreneurs, we see many job seeking and re-careering clients use the database to acquire deeper insight on the companies and industries that match their career interests.  Similarly, patrons also search the database to identify the potential employers.  ReferenceUSA is a central part of our business information offerings and a resource that continues to captivate staff and patrons alike.

    Elizabeth Joseph Ferguson Library