5 Things We Learned From the 2018 ReferenceUSA Users Conference

If the 2018 ReferenceUSA Users Conference taught us anything, it’s that we can learn a lot from each other. From your library needs to the needs of your patrons, we’re going to make sure we can always deliver no matter the situation. Here are five things we all now know:

1. Our data doesn’t last forever, but we always keep it up to date.
We gather unique and custom data for our clients to help them with targeted sales, marketing, or customer insights. So what does this mean in English? This lets you target patrons and non-patrons with upcoming promotions or events that you’re trying to market to an audience based on demographics or firmographics all without worrying about bad data that impacts your bottom line. In fact, the average company will waste $180,000 on undeliverable direct mail every year.

2. There’s a best way to use ReferenceUSA’s data, and we can show you.
When we showed you an in-depth look at our business and consumer databases, from parent company Infogroup, you learned there’s an ideal approach to unlocking the maximum potential of our data. It can be as simple as taking your existing list of patrons or potential new library cardholders and scrubbing it against our data. The result? We’ll remove bad contact information and provide even more contacts.

3. We want you to be a part of ReferenceUSA’s future.
The future of our product is only meaningful if it’s something that’s going to benefit you and your target audience. A change doesn’t matter if you’re not part of the picture. You told us what you wanted, what you didn’t like, and we’re listening. If there’s anything else you’d like us to know or consider for the future of our product, drop us a line at reference@infogroup.com.

4. Our customer service to you is just as important as our data
Our team knows that treating you right is equally as important as the products and services we give you. Know that our representatives are always here to answer any questions you may have now or a year from now. Don’t hesitate to ask your rep if there’s something you need. We’ll be here to answer. Need immediate assistance? Check out the Learning Center for webinars and training guides.

5. Your local community matters to you, and it matters to us.
What’s the best way we can impact and grow your community together? Is it adding more jobs? More library cardholders? What about growing your event attendance? They’re all equally important in our eyes, and we’re here grow alongside you and your community. The foundation of ReferenceUSA is as solid as the strongest communities we support, and we’d like to keep it that way. Check out the marketing materials you can use to help promote the availability of ReferenceUSA in your library.

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